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 The Mother and Sri Aurobindo






 Pansy, or viola tricolor,

 according to  The Mother, signifies 


 'Thoughts turned towards the  Divine.'


 Thoughts and Aphorisms

Around 1911-13, Sri Aurobindo wrote 552 aphorisms in a notebook. In 1915 - 1916 he published ten of them in the monthly review Arya. They form part of Thoughts and Glimpses. Of the 542

aphorisms. 540 aphorisms form the book

Thoughts and Aphorisms. The aphorisms were written in nine groups, three of them are headed

as Jnana, three as Karma and three as Bhakti.


The Mother has written commentaries on Thoughts and Aphorisms. Hence any other attempt

by any other person may seem unnecessary. Yet it appears a necessary step to bring these

enlightened and enlightening thoughts to discussions, so that the Light may touch us. Hence, we

begin these exegeses.


In the present discussions, aphorisms have been numbered as per the commentaries of The

Mother in On Thoughts and Aphorisms [ Volume 10, Collected Works of The Mother,

Centenary Edition ].


Essays on Thoughts and Aphorisms are/will be posted in the Blog [The New Reflections].


Barindranath Chaki